Little bit of our history and few words about us


Petr Urban was a professional sportsman – luger and his cartoons first became very popular among athletes; mostly soccer football players. Ruda Pivrnec became their good friend a long time ago. On 3 December 1993 the first tavern has been established in the small town Smrzovka in the northern part of the Czech Republic. A year later, on 12 December 1994 the “U Pivrnce” pub was opened in Prague, at Maiselova Street.  Next opened was the “U Sportovce Pivrnce” pub at Soukenicka Street opened on 9 May, 1995.  In 1996 the life size mascot “Ruda Pivrnec” traveled with the Czech national soccer team to the European Champions League in England bringing back home a silver medal. It was also a great success for Ruda Pivrnec to be with the team.


Unfortunately, due to natural disaster – the flooding – the original pub in the town of Smrzovka was closed and in 2002 and, due to the same reason the pub in Soukenicka street in Prague was closed as well. At present time the only available pub is “U PIVRNCE” in Maiselova Street. Since the time when it has been established Petr Urban Jr., son of the author of Ruda Pivrnec, is the general and executive manager. Nowadays he is revamping the image of the pub “U PIVRNCE” with the aim to attract more and new, not only domestic, visitors.

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